Dr Sam Beatson (单毕生) is a senior economic and financial analyst. He has been a Director in start-up companies specialising in economic consulting, financial markets analytics and trading, and science, technology and innovation.

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Sam received his Ph.D. from Nottingham University where he trained under the economics & finance professors of the School’s Research Centre for Banking & Finance, within the now defunct School of Contemporary Chinese studies, which had been part of the School of Business. He has been working with big data financial and ownership datasets from stock market listed companies in the STATA and Excel software for more than five years, utilizing econometric methods & writing his own programs for the analysis of accounting, ownership, corporate governance and financial data. A 2017 publication based on this work is here.

He has also collected and thematically analysed 25  interviews in the Greater China region with fund manager, consultants and academics, with a view to contributing to the generation of new theory in Chinese corporate governance – specifically in regard to how very small, but highly experienced investors can influence management under a culturally nuanced context like in China, and more generally gaining insights into how they trade, what’s important in their portfolio selections and some of the hurdles and successes they have faced. He has taught Masters Students in finance and business in addition to empirical methodology, analysis & interpretation of findings, often with application to the Chinese context, and was the recipient of a prestigious award for his teaching at Nottingham. He has held a Fellowship for two years at King’s College London.

In 2015, Sam was the principal econometrician responsible for costing and modelling for the refresh of the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) formula for the NHS executive during the 2015/16 financial year, answerable to the Head of Analytical Finance, Advisory Committee on Resource Allocation (ACRA) and the Technical Advisory Group (TAG). The team involved was responsible for advising on the fair and equitable distribution of circa. £70 billion in taxpayer funding to English NHS commissioners. Sam was principal economist for the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) conducting peer review and oversight of analysts working on the business impacts of South Offshore Marine plans during 2015 in another project. He continued his teaching, research and supervision responsibilities at King’s College London during these times, including the organisation of weekly research seminars, ranging from 1 day to 5 days per week.

Sam’s popular research seminars included visiting speakers such as Professor Peter Williamson (Cambridge), Will Hutton (Oxford), William Callaghan (LSE), Peter Humphrey and many others.

More recently, Sam was selected as a Thought Leader and invited to Windsor Castle as a subject matter expert in the Digital Health, Living, Security and Ethics thought leadership conference series organized by the Corsham Institute in collaboration with RAND Europe and the Smart Societies Institute. He has visited the House of Lords for the launch of the resultant paper and in mid-2017, was a discussant critiquing John Hemming’s parliamentary paper for the Henry-Jackson Society in the House of Commons with Catherine West MP chairing and Lord Harris of Haringey in attendance.

Sam was made a founding Leadership Fellow of St George’s House, Windsor Castle in 2017. He has presented his economics and Chinese business papers at the University of Ho

Sam Beatson, Ph.D.

Sam Beatson in Canton (Guangzhou), presenting on data and ethics.

ng Kong, the University of Gothenburg, London Metropolitan University and the University of Nottingham. He has also presented on big data management and ethics in data science at Sun Yat Sen Medical School, Guangzhou.

Sam has been quoted in the Telegraph newspaper and has been a lead commentator in the China Daily Asia (Hong Kong) edition.

Here are a detailed list of academic publications.

Here are a detailed list of media quotes / comments / opinion pieces.

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Sam is available for business, economic and policy consulting around the world.

Sam speaks, reads and writes English, mandarin and conversational cantonese. He has had experience of speaking, reading and writing German and French and spoken Italian. He enjoy peak performance books and is know to occasionally punch bags at Glyn Rhodes, MBE’s boxing gym.

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