Dr Sam Beatson holds a Fellowship at the Lau China Institute, King’s College London, where he serves as a specialist in Chinese business, corporate governance and investments. Sam trained under traditional economics and finance professors to gain a doctorate with a specialism in the Chinese context.

He was awarded an MSc in Chinese language (mandarin), business and international relations from the University of Sheffield, School of East Asian Studies in 2007. Sam also speaks conversational cantonese and reads and writes Chinese characters.

His doctorate viva voce examination was passed in January 2015 and confirmation of the award of the degree of doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) the following month. Sam has spent 6 months on various occasions at the University of Hong Kong as a visiting scholar to the School of Business.

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Research and Papers (these will be linked to in future)

Sutherland, D, Lutao, N. & Beatson, S. (2011). Productivity performance in Chinese business groups: the positive and negative impacts of business group affiliation; Journal of Chinese Business and Economic Studies, 9, 2: 163-180

Beatson, Samuel (2013). The Determinants of Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (QFII) Holdings Chinese Share Companies [Working Paper]

Beatson, Samuel (2014). “Foreign Investment, Corporate Governance and Performance in the Chinese Listed Companies”, China Policy Institute Working Paper Series

Beatson, Samuel (2015). Foreign Investors in the Chinese Stock Market. Ph.D. Dissertation. University of Nottingham.

Chaplin, M., Beatson, S., Lau, Yiu-Shing (2015). Advisory Committee for Resource Allocation (ACRA) CCG formula refresh – update. NHS England Resource Allocation Team.

Chaplin, M., Beatson, S., Lau, Yiu-Shing, Davies, C., Smyth, C., Burrows, J., Weir, R., Tatarek-Gintowt, R. (2016). Refreshing the formuale for CCG allocations. For allocations to Clinical Commissioning Groups from 2016-2017: Report on the methods and modelling. NHS England, Analytical Services (Finance).

Brown, K. & Beatson, S. (2016) The European Union and China: The Need for a More Politicised Relationship. Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies

Beatson S., Brown, K. (2016). Era of Realignments. Britain and its Relationship with China Post-Brexit (book chapter, accepted for revisions).

Coke, J., Beatson, S., (2016). Don’t Carry Coals to Newcastle; Sell Tea to China: Push-Pull Factors Encouraging the Marketing and Sale of Tea to World’s Largest Tea Producer. (for submission)

Coke, J., Beatson, S. (2016). Should Chinese tea farmers switch to growing coffee? (for submission)

Beatson, S. (2017). Foreign Investors & the Chinese Stock Market—A Thematic Analysis Approach. Journal of Chinese Economic & Business Studies (forthcoming – accepted).

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