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Sam is has been featured in Financial Times, Telegraph, BBC News, the Diplomat is contributes to China Daily (Hong Kong) edition as a commentator.

Recent opinions include comments on:

The Australian government block of the Ausgrid acquisition

A call to conscience rather than morbid reflection concerning the Jutting trial in Hong Kong

Sam was quoted extensively in the Daily Telegraph in November, 2016

On an acquisition bid with a Chinese partner, concerning Australian farmland

Here is a detailed list of all media type comments and quotes.

  • Beatson, S. (January 2017—forthcoming). Chinese Sesame Credits. The Conversation.
  • Kynge, J. et al. for Financial Times (January, 2017—forthcoming). China as a Maritime Power (extensive quoting expected)
  • Beatson, S. (16 November, 2016). Two Life Sentences & a Call to Conscience. Lead Comment in China Daily Asia (Print Edition, Hong Kong) and online. Link:
  • King’s Worldwide (14 November, 2016) Delivering a short education programme. Link:
  • Ough, Tom, (30 October, 2016) Chinese investment and the fight for Australia’s largest cattle empire. In Print (Telegraph Business section) and online. Link:
  • Beatson, S. 23 August, 2016. Mainland firms can exploit HK’s advantages for overseas acquisitions. In China Daily Asia (Print Edition, Hong Kong) and online. Link:
  • Beatson, S. (5 September, 2014). Foreign Investors in the Chinese ‘A’ Shares – China Policy Institute (CPI)
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  • Beatson, S. (5 October, 2012). Why is the British colonial flag being raised again in Hong Kong? (CPI)
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  • Beatson, S. (9 August, 2012). Britain, China, Hong Kong. Three Flags. Two Nations. But Which Two Nations? (CPI)
  • Beatson, S. (13 July, 2012) Normative to response to requiring Chinese pronunciation from our commentators. (CPI)
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  • Beatson, S. (14 May, 2013) Taoist Humility by the Chinese Government on the Syria Issue? (CPI)
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See & Beatson to all the China Policy Analysis pieces.